Duck Duck Books Supports The Denise Louie Education Center This Spring

Duck Duck Books Supports The Denise Louie Education Center This Spring

Duck Duck Books Supports The Denise Louie Education Center This Spring

What a first half of 2022 it has been! As we approach our 1st anniversary, we have been blessed to receive so much support from our community, and pay it forward through meaningful community partnerships. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey!

Our 3rd community partner is The Denise Louie Education Center (DLEC) based in Seattle, WA.  The mission of The Denise Louie Education Center is to promote school and life readiness by providing multicultural early learning services to children and families, especially those who need our services the most. They are an amazing organization that holds a special place in our hearts. 

At Duck Duck Books, we believe it is important to display action along with our intent. During the first half of 2022, Duck Duck Books’s team members, Serena, Christy, and Blanca have made guest appearances during several virtual “Kaleidoscope Play and Learn Storytimes”, a program led by the Denise Louie Education Center and The Seattle Public Library. 

"Part of what we value so much in our partnership with Duck Duck Books is our shared mission to celebrate diverse languages and multiculturalism within our communities,” said  Karen Greenesmith, Communications and Play & Learn Coordinator of Deniese Louie Education Center.Serena Li and her team's multilingual contribution to our Play & Learn sessions and organization as a whole continues to enrich our services and broaden our offerings. We are so grateful for the care and compassion that they bring to our storytime and our families."

We also made contributions to the Denise Louie Education Center 2022 Auction, and we provided new books to each child’s summer activity backpack. But that’s far from over, we look forward to doing more.  

As a part of our continued efforts to give back to our community, through the end of June, we will be donating 10% of our online sales to The Denise Louie Education Center. 

We want to thank Pricilla Chooy, who helped Duck Duck Books get started during our early days, for generously amplifying our donation with a personal contribution. And special thanks to Nikki Huang and Karen Smith for helping to facilitate this partnership! To learn more, follow The Denise Louie Education Center on Instagram and Facebook!


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