All Puppies Are Good Puppies (English)

Type: Board Book

A Montessori-friendly, diversity and inclusion early learning book for ages 0-5.

Quick Look

Playful pups and lively illustrations fill the pages of All Puppies Are Good Puppies, showing dog lovers that differences make us wonderful. Let an overload of cuteness encourage your child to embrace what makes the world around us so special.


Read-Along Video

The companion video is read by author Serena Y. Li.


About This Book

This 18-page premium board book’s bright colors, stunning photography, and fun props illustrates how diversity exists in everything, and helps children see the positive in those differences. If you want to talk about race and ethnicity with your child, but don’t know where to start; or don’t know how; or just have trouble finding the right words — this book will help.

This book is written in English only. You can also explore the bilingual versions of this title in Chinese/English and Spanish/English.

All Duck Duck Books are printed using plant based ink on paper sourced from sustainable forests. This book is 100% written and designed by American People of Color.

Book dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5"

ISBN: 978-1-7372039-3-3


How to leverage this book at different ages to spark meaningful conversations:

If your child is under 1

Encourage your child to wonder with the bright, contrasting colors.

If your child is 1-2 years old

Read the simple phrases as they learn to talk. These positive phrases will become part of their vocabulary and will help guide them as they grow. Count the puppies as they learn to count. Bark like a dog and encourage them to copy.

If your child is 3-5 years old

Instill confidence in your child as they repeat these positive phrases, and encourage him/her to be comfortable with their differences. Identify the breeds of the dogs. Talk about shelters and rescue dog adoption. Acknowledge that being different is amazing, and despite the differences we are all wonderful.

Giving Back

When you buy this book through the Duck Duck Books website, 10% of the sale goes to helping the local community in need. Learn more on our How We Give Back page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome book to teach Chinese!

We have been so excited to share this book with our 2yo and 4yo daughters. We have a dog at home and they love all animals in general so they love the topic. I don’t read Chinese, but I can speak it, so I love that the book is written in English, Chinese and pinyin. It’s a great way to expose kids to new languages. My 4yo has also picked up some more Chinese words because of this book.

This review warms my heart! Thank you for sharing, Howard!

What A Great Message!

This book does not only have a interactive way to catch children's attention, but also an amazing message in it. I mean, who does not like puppies, I personally cannot agree more that all puppies are good puppies. This is such fun way to teach kids that no matter how different we all are, we should still accept and celebrate the differences. Very much recommended!

Thank you!